What is GPT-3 The Next Revolution AI ?

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GPT-3 can be well defined as Generative Pretrained Transformer is a third generation text prediction algorithm developed by OpenAI.

The third era of OpenAI’s GPT-3 is a broadly useful language algorithm that utilizes machine learning to interpret text, answer questions, and accurately compose text. It analyzes a series of words, text, and other information then focuses on those examples to deliver a unique output as an article or a picture.

GPT-3 works on huge amount of data and then process bank of English sentences and incredibly powerful computer models called neural nets to recognize patterns and decide its standards of how language functions.

How does GPT-3 work ?

It is a very complex pre-trained algorithm. It has trained on truly massive amounts of text-there are half a trillion words in the algorithm’s training corpus, which is five times the amount of data contained in Wikipedia. The model behind this is complex neural network model.

Why GPT-3 ?

As the people wonders why GPT-3 is so complex, the answer is simple. It the largest model trained yet. It has 175 learning parameters which are 10 times the non- sparse language model. It provides a giant break through for deep learning and natural language processing which enables —

  • Answers complex puzzles.
  • Predicts the last word by recognizing the paragraphs.
  • Apply reasoning involving common sense.

A research paper on GPT-3 titles “Language models are few shot learners” highlights the results of testing GPT-3 on tasks mentioned above against fine-tuned state-of-the-art models.

What can GPT-3 performs ?

  • It analyzes context.
  • It generates images.
  • It writes codes.
  • It composes music.
  • It pitches new ideas.
  • It writes creative fiction.
  • It generates memes.
  • It simulates different human code.

What are its limitations ?

  • It can’t hold term destination in mind. It cannot hold logical and consistent context over many paragraphs.
  • It can produce plausible but incorrect output all the time.
  • Unfortunately, it can generate an unlimited amount of plausible fake news or phishing scams.
  • GPT-3 is prone to spewing sexist and racist language.
  • GPT-3 is capable of creating unlimited bullshit, fake news, deception, and confusion.


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